Scenario Name:

Demo Scenario


 Scenario Type:  Number of Turns:

Zone Control & Scenario Objectives

Fixed (4)

 Deployment:  Interactions:

1 Neutral Zone 4”
1 Neutral Scenario Objective

Influence (Simple)

 Additional Rules:  Reglementary

12” Square play area


Victory Conditions:
  • 1VP To the Player who has a Friendly Scenario Objective during each End Phase
  • 1VP To the Player who has the most Scenario Points during each End Phase
  • A player wins if they have a total of 2 VP
Hinata could feel the warmth emanating from the heavily muscled frame, even through the coarse woven gloves, common to the Minimoto, that covered his hands. He instinctively moved his hand up and down the broad set shoulders and spine. The rough thick fur was matted in place from spending so long in the frozen mountains. Tetsu, grunted in reluctant enjoyment of the samurai’s touch whilst tasting the air with his keen senses for the presence of their prey. After they had stopped for a few moments with Tetsu continuing in this fashion Hinata felt the muscles in the old bear’s shoulders become tense, an unconscious and instinctive reaction to the detection of an intruder in his territory. A focused stared fixed Hinata’s grizzled face as the old samurai scanned the snow covered forest at the foot of the cliff face that spread out before them, the wind and snowfall obscuring his vision of what would be a strangely beautiful scene were it not for the heckles on his neck and galloping of his heart telling him otherwise. Nothing moved but white snowflakes, dancing on the strong easterly wind. It was a screech that drew his attention directly to source of the threat. Although definitely a bird there was something unsettlingly human in its tone and pitch, almost as if it were a challenge or threat. Later when Hinata was reporting the encounter back to his superiors he hesitated to include this detail as it sounded foolish. He was worried that he might be removed from active duty if his senses were failing him, consigned to some task more suited to old deaf men. However it was his duty to report as fully as he could. But it was not scorn he saw in his commander’s eyes when he recalled the events of his patrol but something which worried him more. It was alarm, but this could not be he thought to himself as he left the sturdy log cabin of the watch commander. His eyes must be failing as well, for the Minimoto fear no man.